Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is testing a new TikTok inspired app called Collab for creating short music videos. This app is available on iOS as an invite only beta right now. The NPE in a note also claims that the Collab app allows users to create, watch, and mix and match original videos, “starting with music.” Similar to TikTok, the app allows users to sync existing videos from the platform, however, here users can sync three videos simultaneously instead of two..

Jon Snow is Cersi’s ” haired beauty” . Robert realizing that Tywin would kill his baby, took Jon at birth, told Cersi the baby died, passed him to Ned, simple. As for the hair dilema, male heir’s possess the hair of the father, hence raven haired. Young John went back to work at the Reliance Specialty Company in Indianapolis, commuting by motorcycle. Delbert Hobson became his new best friend, even though two years younger. John developed an interest in Wild West stories, namely the tales of Jesse James.

These birds are not found west of the rockies. Indigo buntings are small, sparrow sized birds with short tails. The small, rounded head has a short, conical beak. Asked in the second segment of the interview by Stephen A. Smith if he plans to attend any more games this season, Lee replied: this year. No.

I have frequently missed important work calls, only to get the voice mail hours, and sometimes (if I haven’t left the house) days, later. Like the touch screen, for instance, with its lack of tactile feedback. On a BlackBerry, you can feel the discrete keys, Braille like, as you hit them; this allows for multitasking or surreptitious working (under the table at dinner, say, or terrible but true while driving).

We were again told wrong reception and to go to the next reception for the spa reception. When we got there it was unmanned but a young chap who appeared(Perhaps a maintenance worker) offered to go and get someone. When the lady arrived she was limping with what looked like a fresh tattoo! she huffed and puffed through our paper work and then said the treatments were at 3.00 so feel free to use the facilities.

John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Matchedash. Or to St. John’s Anglican Church, Matchedash.. A couple snaps, then on my way! I arrived and there ahead of me was Chasm Falls. Lovely! I really enjoy shooting waterfalls! HDR + Flowing Water + Long exposure = Cool shot! It doesn matter if you take a wide angle or close up all good! I post another shot soon from here and give you details of this great location. Also of my fun drive back to the hotel..