This salad delivers all the flavors: savory, salty and a little spicy with formidable greens, crunchy chickpeas and rich avocado. For years, I made it Caesar style (sans egg), and that’s an easy variation, too. The crunchy chickpeas are a good substitute for croutons and it makes the salad gluten free, if that matters to you..

He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. On May 16. He also charged with facilitating the activities of a criminal organization, on top of multiple firearms allegations. Nick, as well as maps and a built in Advent Calendar. Christmas s Free, as the name implies, simply has a whole bunch of Christmas sounds you can play over your phone. This is profoundly useless in any real world situation, but may add to the cheer rating of your phone.

Educators benefit and grow in their work when they know the content they teach, as well as, when they reflect on their identities as educators. This continuum is our “what” of what we do.I am sitting with a teacher in a 7th grade ELA classroom who has asked essentially the same question over the course of the year about how to teach a particular concept effectively. Setting aside my own frustration that we have been around the subject of teaching “theme” multiple times, I take a breath and say, “This is a complex topic to teach adolescents.” A resounding, “Yes!” fills the room.

The OPHOA Annual meeting is the primary business meeting held each year for homeowners in Oakley Pointe to join together and direct OPHOA actions for the coming year. We do this by voting on agenda items and on new subjects raised during the meeting, by asking questions, and by giving input and voting on how we should spend the limited dollars in our budget. The budget is funded entirely by our annual dues.

Computer Scrapbook offers some of the most fantastic free digital scrapbooking elements in small kits you can download. I absolutely adore these ones, as they have an extremely high quality but still remain completely free. My personal favorite sets in this are “California Cool” and “Wanderlust.” Both have a very modern, messy feel which is great for younger scrapbookers like myself.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite road wheels to help you find and buy the best road bike wheels for the money you have. The deepest C60 variant is available in rim or disc brake varieties as well as tubular and clincher rim brake version features an alloy brake track, which vastly improves braking performance but adds a bit of weight too. The disc brake C60 are also tubeless compatible and use a 12mm thru axle..