But there is nothing fake about the item photographed by Ms. Leibovitz; it is an unadulterated object. Adding to the dramatic visual effect of Anthony Berger delicate glass plate negative, two of its Lincoln images are beset with bisecting cracks from which pieces of glass have broken off from the slide.

A follow up to her critically acclaimed avant garde phantasm, Suffocate, held at the Lab Theatre last spring, To the Ends of the Universe will prove to be an ultimately more wearable (and sellable) collection while still retaining Fulk’s distinctive, imaginative touch. With the aid of supportive financier and local fashion aficionado, Ray Shan of Behind the Seams, Fulk plans to take her career to the next level mass manufacturing and make the leap into the world of professional apparel design. A prolific and dedicated designer with an immense amount of experience under her belt, Fulk is definitely poised to take flight, and odds are, the universe is ready..

You can take your eyes off Dr. Frank N. Furter. Is an exceptional leader who places emphasis on strong industry and community connections, enriching educational experience and being agile and responsive, said Pisani. Knows the importance post secondary education plays in our province and country, especially now as we begin to recover from COVID 19. Will be the seventh president and CEO in NAIT history.

“Anything to the head or neck or anything, that’s not a basketball play, it’s a flagrant foul in today’s NBA,” said broadcaster Paul Jones of NBA TV Canada and radio on Sportsnet and TSN, reached by phone as he arrived in Cleveland ahead of Game 5. “Somewhere you can imagine Charles Oakley, Charles Barkley and those tough guys of the past laughing at what we call a flagrant foul today. Every foul from the Detroit Pistons on Michael Jordan would have been a flagrant one today.”.

“I told him, ‘Don’t push me,’ so he pushed me,” said Thomas, who then asked Bulls guard Michael Jordan about Cartwright’s aggression. “I asked him if he was like this all the time. He told me he was like that in practice. And then there is the just plain weird, the little things you’re not sure if you should say something about. We camped at Yellowstone for four days and during that time w witnessed some of the worst parenting ever. At one point we witnessed a little boy go dashing into the bathroom while his mother chased behind him yelling,”You’re not going to the bathroom! I’m not waiting for you!” “But I really have to go!” “I don’t care! I’m not waiting for you! We need to get back to the tent!” “But I’m already sitting down!” “I don’t care! Get off that pot!!” I am not sure instilling massive bathroom anxiety is a valid parenting technique but whatever.