(Jim Thompson / For The Times)If this year’s baseball season is canceled due to health and safety concerns, most baseball fans will be back next year to support the game that they love. However, if this season is canceled because billionaire owners and millionaire players cannot meet in the middle and settle their financial differences, Major League Baseball will be damaged irreparably and they will never get many of these fans back. During this unprecedented time of economic hardship and uncertainty for so many people, the last thing in the world anyone wants to hear about is these incredibly privileged individuals quibbling over who gets the biggest piece of the pie.Garden GroveJust read that Scott Boras is encouraging baseball players not to play unless they get a pure pro rated salary.

See how much simpler that was? A couple of questions to determine if Felix would need to head north or south to get to his friend’s houseand the rest was equally straightforward. It did not matter whether Felix was coming from one side of Main Street or the other; no need to figure out if a right or left turn would be needed. All Herb had to tell him was ‘turn south.’ South is south, no matter what..

With the Penguins, Kessel helped form one of the top lines in the NHL for the second half of the 2015 16 season, the “HBK Line” with Carl Hagelin and Nick Bonino. They helped power the Penguins to the Stanley Cup. Kessel finished tied for third in the NHL with 10 Stanley Cup Playoff goals and was fourth in scoring with 22 points..

No sci fi tribute is truly complete without the mention of the classic Lost in Space series. It was the second sci fi show Irwin Allen created, lasting three seasons, running from 1965 to 1968. Most likely influenced by Johann David Wyss’s book The Swiss Family Robinson or even the Disney film which had recently been released in 1960, Allen’s plot revolves around an American family named Robinson, a pioneering clan of five members headed for a planet to colonize in the system of Alpha Centauri..

Google Glass is a lot of things, but one thing it not is particularly fashionable. When Google finally launches their wearable tech to the masses, all of the innovative features in the world aren going to help sell the thing if nobody wants to wear it on their face. In order to make Google Glass more fashionable, Google has just announced a partnership with a company that manufactures and distributes some of the world most popular eyewear brands..