I mentioned how you can change the perspective of the flower that is your subject. Have you ever been curious how a snail sees a dandelion? Or what it looks like to walk through grass that is twice your size? Wouldn’t that just be amazing? Well, the closest we may ever get is through imagery (or maybe Disney World). Get on your belly and look up at the flower! It may be completely different on the bottom of the flower.

When kids participate in activities that enhance creativity, they develop and express multiples skills and emotions. Go through this brief guide to get acquainted with rigging helper to build your ship model kit. And there are thankfully many things to do in Yorkshire.

People set fire to squad cars, threw bottles at officers and busted windows of storefronts. They carried away TVs and other items even as some protesters urged them to stop. In Indianapolis, multiple shootings were reported, including one that left a person dead amid the protests, adding to deaths in Detroit and Minneapolis in recent days.

Brokeback Mountain tells the story of two sheep herders, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, who fall in love amidst the Wyoming mountains. Their fraught, secret, on and off again romance ends in tragedy when Jack dies, leaving Ennis with a lifetime of grief and regret. The story is actually a sequel to a previous Brokeback fanfiction, Divergent Dreams, in which Ennis and a very much still alive Jack settle down on a farm in Minnesota..

Honor Dad by Turning His Memories into a Book or KeepsakeLast year, I created a book about my father’s life by collecting together essays written by my mom, my sister and myself. That sounds like a major project, but self publishing a book is much easier these days. It also is much less expensive than it used to be..

Do it too for the frontline workers, who’ve gone out every day and put themselves at risk to keep you and your family safe. And in what felt like an epic troll of the PM’s adviser, he emphasised why we should follow the test and trace rules. It was so epic it’s worth repeating in full: “Do it for your community.

You hold the motion sensor on the bomb to disengage it and suddenly Bob lets out an earth tremor that literally echoes in the latrine. The Timer on the bomb begins to tick and it is set for 15 seconds. You all dash out in and shout out to everyone to get back.

Her latest book is 84K, which is set in a world where every crime has a fee assigned to it, and you can get away with anything as long as the debt is paid. This means that rich people can get away with murder as long as they can settle the debt with the Criminal Audit Office. Theo, who works at the audit office, assesses crimes and ensures that they are paid for, but he can’t do that when his ex lover is killed and he looks to shake up the way society functions..