KartRider Rush+ surpassed 10 million downloads in just two week since launch! Inspired by the popular KartRider franchise, KartRider Rush+ zoomed to the top of the and stores, clocking in 3.57 million daily users. With its limitless customization options and over 50 tracks and 20 karts to choose from, KartRider Rush+ players can personalize their races for an experience that is truly unique and action packed.KartRider Rush+ has also expanded the experience even further, introducing three new exhilarating tracks Town Tour and Bridge of Fate and the exciting new character Ethen. Along with new tracks and characters, racers who join by May 31 will be rewarded with an x 5 bonus beginning June 2.KartRider Rush+ will also offer additional rewards such as Ethen Code and Lucky Coin in an exclusive login event and for players who like to test their skills on the newly released tracks.KartRider Rush+ is available globally viaAbout KartRider Rush+ KartRider, KartRider Rush+ is a free to play kart racing mobile game delivering all the racing action of its namesake on iOS and Android devices.

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Morning sickness. Nausea is one of the most universal pregnancy symptoms, affecting up to 85% of pregnant women. It’s the result of hormone changes in the body, and it can last through the entire first trimester. Former Bruins coach Claude Julien is considered a favorite to become the first coach of the NHL’s expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights. He’s one of four recently fired coaches who GM George McPhee will consider. In an effort to speed up extra inning games, Major League Baseball will test a rule change in the Gulf Coast League and the Arizona League this summer that will automatically place a runner on second base at the start of all extra innings.