Peter, dec. Tyler Jenson, Foley, 14 1.125: Matt Fuller, Annandale/Maple Lake, tech. Fall Sam Klingfus, Hawley/Lake Park Audubon, 15 0; Zach Stepan, Zimmerman, dec. From downtown Houston, TX of my favorite hotels is the Hilton. 2 blocks from the Astros baseball stadium and in the middle of it all! It has a great pool on the 23rd floor with big glass windows that overlook the city. Nice to swim there at nite! The hotel has a beautiful entrance (I have posted and HDR of there previously) and also a few cool bars.

Dwarves have several origins. These are the Tolkien origins of the dwarves. “[Dwarves] were made by Aul, the smith and craft master of the Valar. There have been many cases of these pools taking money from members and then disappearing after a while without having bought a single ticket for its members. There are some good ones though and one must just do his own due diligence in locating the honest ones. Word of mouth is perhaps the best method of finding them..

Now, the dates to get should be pitted. If that’s not available, you will have to manually remove the pits from the dates. Once that is done, roughly chop the dates, and then the walnuts and pecans next. So some traffic has been forced over to another school lined, residential street. And, oh my God, if any of you knew what the insane parents do in the morning to get their kids to JLS: We’ve seen passing at high speed in the bike lane (right in front of the school, where kids are riding to get there too, 98% with their helmets hanging from their handlebars), parking half on the sidewalk, and constant speeding along South Court. The JLS traffic mess is why I never go out the East Meadow way in the morning.

Then there’s everyone else. People that I know you’ve heard of. (I don’t believe in public shaming, bullying or any of those negative traps we so easily fall into online, so I won’t be calling any out by name). Dana Bash: “This was remarkable from the president of the United States. Because even though it’s good that Trump is now conveying the level of threat the virus poses to American society and thus may be reversing some of the damage he wrought by spreading doubt about the need to fight it he’s still not being the leader the country needs. Trump told the reporter who asked about the closure that it was a “nasty question.” And he flatly denied that he holds any responsibility for his administration’s galling failure to adequately test for cases of the infection in the early days of the pandemic, which likely contributed to the proliferation of the virus.