I am reluctant to admit it, but in my youth, many times I drove ‘tired’ and I never realized that driving in a sleep deprived state is just as bad as driving drunk! Great work John. I felt it was an important subject that almost everyone can relate to. You are right, the rhyme was a challenge at time but I think it worked.

I haven even heard about the dustup, and one of the reasons that I pick the Laser is that the world of Laser sailing is so large that the Olympics are a tiny, tiny fraction of it. Innovation in racing sailboats tends to sacrifice other qualities like seakindliness, survivability, and versatility. Look at the Americas Cup boats for extreme examples.

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Regulator / FlowgaugeWhat is Co2? It is a colorless gas made up of carbon and oxygen. Carbon Dioxide is one of the more versatile gases. It can be used as a shielding gas for welding, carbonation for sodas, dispensing beer and even making dry ice.

Throughout the 1970s, the company’s books increasingly featured reprinted material, and readership steadily declined, with the exception of a few licensed titles like The Phantom, Popeye and the Six Million Dollar Man. There was still some quality original work coming out sporadically during this time, such as a young John Byrne’s Doomsday +1, Joe Staton’s E Man, Ditko’s Liberty Belle back up stories and the martial arts hero Yang. During this decade, future star artists like Neal Adams produced some early work for Charlton.

Once you open a bottle of wine, you break the seal made by the bottle closure and thus reunite the wine inside with oxygen. The more wine is exposed to oxygen over time, the more it will slowly (but surely) transition into its next inevitable stage in life: vinegar. Well, not actually vinegar, but close enough to call it that.

Walker was a licensed gun owner who thought someone was breaking in. Clearly, he felt threatened. Where was his right to self defense?COLUMN: COVID 19 is forcing the release of some inmates. He asked Bessette about a water park that he and his wife, Angie, had driven by. It was Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland. Watson wanted to go, but Angie reminded him he needed to focus on golf.

Addition to practicing good hygiene, says Van Orman, want students to learn what they can do to care for themselves if they develop symptoms and encourage them to contact UHS if they have questions about any illness they experiencing. Nov. 7, University Housing has reported 63 students in Sellery Hall with illness characterized by vomiting and diarrhea.