As all ‘X Factor’ fans know only too well, having an even number of judges on the panel could make things tricky, and I predict at least one outcry over some kind of judging conspiracy theory this week (if not I will be bitterly disappointed). Eight acts will perform each night until Friday (at last something else bar football can dominate the TV), and the act with the highest number of viewer votes will automatically go through to Saturday’s final. However, the panel will decide which one of the runners up will join them.

While the Virginia investigators said they found no evidence of the beatings and other severe abuse described in the 2017 lawsuit, their report does confirm that staff at the facility are trained in the use of restraint chairs and spit guards for residents who cannot be safely restrained by less intrusive methods. Restraint devices are legal in juvenile detention facilities in Virginia, though regulations say they can never be used as punishment and are only appropriate ensure the safety and security of residents, staff and the facility. Two of the instances reviewed by investigators, the report says staff members were disciplined for using restraint techniques that did not follow state guidelines.

In addition many Asian minorities exceed the national average suggesting this is not the cause of educational underachievement of ethnic minorities.Troyna and Williams argue that ethnic differences in achievement are more to do with institutional racism, and that schools discriminate in two ways:Individual racism that results from prejudiced views and intuitionalism racism which is discrimination within how schools operate. The ethnocentric curriculum is just one example of institutional racism.Hatcher found that school bodies failed to deal with pupils racist behaviour in schools and there were no channels of communication between school governors and ethnic minority parents.Gillborn argues that marketisation of schools gives schools more power to select pupils and this puts ethnic minorities at a disadvantage. Schools use primary school data to screen out students with language or learning difficulties, this favours the white middle class pupils and low income ethnic minorities are at a disadvantageFurther studies show that schools that have a large intake of Asian pupils can discourage white pupils from joining as it was viewed as “rough” suggesting discrimination occurs within wider society and affects school in takeThis is when you attach a definition to a pupil.