The very first thing you need to do in order to start an off grid composting is a bin. You can either build a bin or buy a bin but the most important thing to consider is that the bin has to allow oxygen to flow through it. Many people prefer wooden bins with slats so that the air can flow through and also so that moisture can get to it as well.

Little wonder that Norton’s Audubon book carries such a handsome price tag. “The Birds of America” has a long history of sticker shock. Audubon first issued his lavish collection of 435 bird prints in four volumes between 1827 and 1838. Are you ready for some football?? The NFL season kicks off tonite with the Steelers vs. Titans from Pittsburgh, PA. Here is some info on the great Art Rooney: Rooney was a life long resident ofPittsburgh and attended Duquesne University In 1933, Rooney paid the $2,500 franchise fee to start an NFL team.

The proper way to vent a fish is by inserting the venting tool into the fish’s body cavity just behind the pectoral fin. Penetrate only far enough to allow the gases to escape, you’ll know when this happens as you will actually hear the air hiss as it escapes. Never vent a fish with a knife or by piercing the swim bladder, as this more often than not leads to death for the fish.

Yet the fact that those fans were there for the Raptors this year indicates something. A year ago, there were media types waxing poetic about the NBA team’s “lack of relevance” in the market. It shows what a difference winning makes, but it also shines light on how narratives work in a social media fuelled landscape where too many people have the memories of gnats..

Get to know your greenbelt this weekend! To raise awareness of local farms and markets, Durham Farm Fresh with support from the Greenbelt Foundation will be hosting a Gates Open: Find Your Flavour tour this Saturday October 5th. Geared to connecting local residents with some of the top local produce the region has to offer, this 8 stop tour that kicks off Ontario Agriculture Week will take visitors to a range of different farm gates and agri food businesses. Along the way, sample farm fresh products and treats created by farm families from around the region.

Our family tries to go to a match every year. This past year we went to the Indian Wells (Palm Springs, CA) tournament in March. This lens was amazing! What does amazing cost?? $1900.00 just for this lens. “The overall performance is bleak, and the gaps are devastating,” says Amy Wilkins, vice president for government affairs at Education Trust, a nonprofit that focuses on narrowing the achievement gap. “Tonight the president is going to talk about the need for innovation to spur us out of these economic doldrums, and it looks like we haven’t given our kids the skills to do that. Science has always been the springboard of American innovation,.