Here is a photo from the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. As you walk up to the museum this lovely B17 Bomber is out front on display. I crouched inside and set up my tripod and cable release to catch this HDR. You have subtly different behavior. This was quite a challenge in debugging this in the first place, so I actually wrote the code to work around any bochs quirks I encountered just so that I have a debug environment. After all, in order to simply load the instructions you need the MMU to be responsive (or deactivated I suppose, if there’s such a thing as no MMU x86)..

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A million other slights, real or imagined. There is no passive aggressive anger like Belichick passive aggressive anger. Is a hoodie with cut off sleeves proper country club attire? BB would get so far into Goodell’s head the Commish would be hitting into bunkers he didn’t know existed.

I will say that when real adult bills and occurrences come in, it amazing how small 50k can feel. Assorted bills, car repairs, insurance, food and a habit of experimenting with new restaurants and pubs adds up really quickly.I mean you not wrong, “people need to stop moving here” seems pretty elitist and cunty, but it doesn change the fact that as a native, it bums me the fuck out. People are going to be elitist no matter where you go, I see pompous natives and transplants all the time.

Is it the karma fairy, tapping you with her wand of invisibility and/ or payback, real or imagined? No, I think not, but what we do have to look at isn the men, it the one constant in the equation: you. There are some hints in the natal chart that say you may expect relationships not to go well: Venus is quincunx Pluto (love and relationshipsrequire constant adjustment that can be destructive that love itself can be wearing and destructive); Sun conjunct Chiron (a wounded Soul); Venus squares Neptune (idealizing love leads to real life disillusion, or an inability to pinpoint what love is or, more importantly, what it feels like when it given). These aren set in stone, and of course can carry other meanings, but taken as a whole may suggest that love is an area that is not clear or easy for you..