Free Floral TexturesDigital scrapbooking, much like its counterpart, relies heavily on little embellishments that digital scrapbookers refer to as “elements.” These can be anything from buttons, ribbons, and badges to photo frames, borders, and more. Sometimes you have a theme you want to design, but there are some embellishments missing. Or maybe, sometimes you not exactly sure what you looking for until you find it.

Southern Evening Echo, Friday, September 10, 1982, p. 49. Extracts: Barton’s district councillor, Mr. While it’s absolutely important for cishet people to understand their privilege and make sure LGBTQIA2S+ community members are centered at Pride, we also need to recognize the assumptions we make about strangers based on their appearance, and rein in the knee jerk reaction to gatekeeping. When we assume we “see a straight person” at Pride, we’re associating sexuality with gender expression. [Editor’s note: LGBTQIA2S+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, asexual, two spirit, and more].

He took about twelve years to complete it. On his head was a sculpted wreath of olive sprays. In his right hand he held a figure ofNike, the goddess of victory, also made from ivory and gold, and in his left hand, a scepter made with many kinds of metal, with an eagle perched on the top.

The Nevills were lords of Raby and Brancepeth in County Durham and actively participated in the defence of the kingdom against the invading Scots at the time of the reign of Edward III. Ralph, the fourth Lord Nevill was made Earl of Westmorland for services to Richard II. His son and grandson the earls of Salisbury and Warwick fought on the side of Richard Duke of York against Henry VI and his queen, Margaret.

I guess the music mostly.”She also found inspiration in her relationship with her late husband, Peter Schekeryk, her husband of 40 years and the man who guided her career. Last October, she witnessed the world premiere of a new musical she helped write called Melanie and the Record Man, based on the couple’s personal and professional relationship.”I’m just trying to out create the things I’ve gone through,” she says. “I started in the theater, so it’s funny I’m back in a theater setting.”The impetus for the musical came from her late husband, who had always encouraged her to pick up and pen and write an autobiography.

Botha looked at the bullets holes and immediately felt he understood what had happened. For, as sensational as the personae in this story were, as a case its facts were depressingly mundane. Murder by a partner or boyfriend is the number one cause of violent death of women in South Africa; it happens every eight hours.