There, yet again, were the flames. Before the furious conflagrations erupted in Minneapolis, the final weeks of May had already seemed like the answer to a grim math problem: What is the product of a crisis multiplied by a crisis? The official mortality count of the covid 19 outbreak in the United States swept toward a hundred thousand, while the economic toll had left forty million people out of work. It was difficult to countenance how so much misery could come about so quickly.

Upstairs there is a master bedroom with a walk in closet and attached bath as well as a smaller bedroom. The stairs lead to a third full bath, a linen closet, and a large closet holding a washer and dryer. The property has additional storage in the main building.

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Per my post the past week, this is the awesome inside of Oakley Headquarters! Super cool!! Great architectural design! I love the Thunder Dome look! Not only is the Oakley Headquarters great on the outside, but fantastic on the inside! I posted issues taking pics here on my last post then Oakley was kind enough to apologize and asked me to contact them for a shoot on my next visit. Thanks guys! I would truly enjoy having a little time here after/before hours to get some great shots! I have a few cool ideas. As we all know.30 minutes to photograph a location is definitely not enough time..