The numbers are significant: In January, for instance, the fraction of children born to women who have not graduated high school is 10 percent higher than in May. Their research may explain why babies born during this time in the year often fare differently in life (and why some winter babies, if their mothers were educated or married, might fare just fine). It also puts the lie to the widespread notion that birth season is distributed randomly across the population.

Local MP Apsana BegumEast London Advertiser last week and followed up by The Times on Wednesday. In an editorial, the national newspaper called for further “scrutiny”. In an editorial, the national newspaper called for further “scrutiny”. The engineer can research a property’s flood history (using some of the techniques I have presented above) and perform a scientific investigation into its future flood potential. They will review things such as, soil conditions, weather patterns and statistics, natural topography, vegetative cover, and manmade changes to the land in an effort to get a detailed and complete assessment of the conditions at the site. If the land is vacant, you may be required to consult an engineer anyway to build on it.

Over the next thousand years, humans will begin to look different. Natural selection will play the first role like in Darwin’s theory. We will all be the same color, most likely a light brown. Cats are surely inquisitive creatures. They like to inquire and explore the world around them. Many times, however, their inquisitive nature may get them into serious trouble.

And deal a blow to both American and Chinese companies operating there. The news comes following Beijing decision late last week to draw up a national security law for Hong Kong. The move came after Hong Kong Legislative Council failed in its obligations to enact such a law since the former British colony was handed back to China in 1997..

The Hard Slatt Bed in situ is shown in the cliffs south of Mutton Cove. Underneath the Hard Slatt is the Shingle, rather crumbly, ripple bedded, argillaceous and sandy limestone. This is probably the equivalent of the Linsen Shale, beneath the hard limestone of the Hard Cockle Member and a conspicuous bed in the Lulworth Cove and Worbarrow area.

This production, which opens July 22, is a three ring circus of entertainment. Lane is wandering and slightly befuddled as Dionysius. Stroman’s acrobatic choreography is exuberant, with jumping frogs, barely clad chorus girls dangling on gossamer swings and dramatic and electrifying sound and lighting effects.