Linda First! Curtis hit the petition trail and the papers again in 1995, this time as co chair of Priorities First!, a wide ranging coalition of fiscal conservatives and progressive enviro type activists who united to defeat Austin’s proposed city subsidized minor league baseball stadium. While some Priorities First! members were driven by a desire to keep Austin’s pursestrings drawn tight, others like Curtis were more enraged that the council had officially declared professional baseball an “emergency” in order to circumvent a public vote on issuing bonds to build the stadium. Priorities First! board member Bob Larson rests the group’s success squarely at Curtis’ feet.

25 alums: Niel Guzman, D, Bridgewater Raritan; Brandon Tetro, MF/D, Colts Neck; Kyle Galloway, MF, Pennington; Brian Hawkins, F, Notre Dame (pictured above); Ethan Vanacore Decker, F, Pennington; Erik Sa, MF, Watchung Hills; Sean Dailey, MF, Peddie; Miles Hackett, F, Montclair Kimberley; Zeno Mazzucato, D, Princeton; Dante Perez, F/MF, Hightstown; Aaron Acloque, Immaculata, MF; Alex Kaczynski, MF/D, Shawnee; Jack Young, MF, Northern Highlands; Kyle Goodwin, F, South Brunswick; Chris Hawkins, MF, Notre Dame; Malik Mathes, D, East Orange; Thomas Dovell, F/MF, Moorestown; Mike Fornaro, D, Steinert; Niko Lovoulos, D, Holmdel; Jake Longo, D, Scotch Plains Fanwood; Brian Shushkovsky, GK, Freehold Township; Aedan Boriotti, GK, Christian Brothers; Spencer Hambleton, MF, St. Benedict Ryan Peterson, F, Mount Olive; Joe Bruno, GK, St. Joseph (Met).

We began by asking for submissions and suggestions from readers. The results wasa list of 100 dunksthat weresubmitted to our panel of notable basketball experts (which includes both dunkers and wish I could dunk ers) to be ranked. Our panelists ranked every dunk on a scale of 1 to 10, averages were calculated and the list was built.

Officials made threats to Ecuador in an attempt to water down a resolution in support of breastfeeding, according to a report in The New York Times. Government. President Trump tweeted that it is a “Fake News story” that “must be called out.” A State Department official told NPR that “media reports suggesting the United States threatened a partner nation related to a World Health Assembly resolution are false.”.

We recently paid $25M for 8 acres with abandoned warehouses on them, to build condos on. One building three units. Used to be occupied by three roofing companies. No one can ever know why Vassie Bratcher did as Gibbs instructed and threw her granddaughter into the farm’s cistern. Maybe she knew Gibbs intended to kill them both and her hopes were the little girl would survive the fall and help would arrive before she could drown. It’s likely the grandmother weighed the known end result against the hope of a probability and dropped Charlotte Ann into the deep, dark, water filled hole..