This means that this year spirituality has the potential to feed and transform our physical, earthly existence. In Chinese astrology, the horse represents nobility, travel, adventure, energy, and perseverance. It is a good year to be reminded of these things (and to honor the horse) by placing statues or images of the horse in your home.

Some intersting info from the web: In New York, commercial window washers are protected by a special labor law that makes a building owner liable for injuries due to defective equipment such as a safety harness or scaffold. The job is not safe, you have the right not to work, said Mark E. Seitelman, a lawyer who represents a window washer injured when his arm got lodged in a hole in the scaffolding on a skyscraper last year.

Take any crazy idea. It is hard to make up a very crazy idea witches, for instance. And you talk about what people used to believe about witches, and you say, “How could they believe in witches?” And you turn around and you say, “What witches do we believe in now?”.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a symbolic victory. The fact that a collection of the nation’s business leaders are eager to uproot their lives and move to Massachusetts is a testament to the vibrancy of the region. They wouldn’t come if they had grave doubts about the quality of our schools, the skill of our workers, or the future of our state..

“I knew he wasn’t the greatest point guard to ever play but every kid, every teacher, every friend, they all knew I loved Mark Jackson,” Kleiman said. “I had two teams growing up. The Knicks at the Garden and the team Mark was on. The coronavirus has shut down major Hollywood productions and big festivals such as Coachella. Movie releases have been postponed. Broadway, other theaters, comedy clubs and many schools have shut down temporarily.

I think of my coming out experience I was really fortunate and privileged to have a lot of supportive community. There were openly gay teachers and students at my school, and so many kids don have that. I think the Internet lends itself to a place where LGBTQ+ people can succeed, because they being sought out.

In the Baton Rouge suburb of Denham Springs, the local high school salvaged just 14 books from a library collection started when the school was founded in 1897. At Glen Oaks Park Elementary in Baton Rouge, every single school library book was lost. Trey Veazey, a literacy specialist on campus, went online to ask for help.