Manatees, sometimes called sea cows, are gentle mammals who are mostly vegetarians. They are on the federal endangered list and are threatened by loss of habitat, hurricanes, stress from cold, and red tide. The greatest danger, however is from boaters, and it is estimated that a quarter of manatee deaths are caused by boating injuries.

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It does not feel very Christian.Are there any traces of my bigotry left? Maybe there are none, but possibly homosexuality still makes me slightly uncomfortable. Perhaps, I don find camp mannerisms endearing, or I grimace if I see men kissing. Maybe sometimes I find things funny that I have been told not to.

I was in the bathroom with a cigarette and no lighter.”The 33 year old said that Chauvin broke into the bathroom and started to hit him without warning. Toles said he returned blows to the officer because “my natural reaction to someone hitting me is to stop them from hitting me.””All I could do is assume it was the police because they didn’t announce themselves or ever give me a command,” he said. “I didn’t know what to think when he started hitting me.

27vs. 31vs. 11vs. 16vs. 2vs. 8vs. I made a promise to Merlyn to take care of her. This is my way of keeping her alive through keeping her memories and name ringing. Merlyn loved life, and she wanted to do something big to give back to people. Yeah, Freedom of Speech can be very mean, but it doesn’t make it illegal. BUT, Freedom of Speech can cross into harassment if the person MAKES REPEATED ACTIONS; such as a daily text message or Facebook post to remind the victim of how overweight they are. See, saying someone is overweight or even that you have seen their mother act retarded doesn’t mean you are bullying or harassing because it is your opinion; and you are lawfully entitled have an opinion and broadcast it.

On November 30th, players wore Hockey Fights Cancer helmet decals, lavender warm up jerseys and used lavender tape on their sticks which were auctioned off during the game. All funds raised through the auction and 50/50 ticket sales were donated to Camp Trillium. 11 year old camper Khanya Solano was honoured in a pre game ceremony and given the opportunity to ring a bell at center ice to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy.