Dr. Grohol has a Master’s degree and doctorate in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. We had to ask whether that kind of understanding of customer preferences and data analytics gave Flipkart the confidence to compete with the brands that sell large numbers of laptops on its platform. Menon agreed with that, saying “For us, it’s tied to what customers are looking for, seeing where the gaps are at, and then bridging those gaps with our products. We believe that this entire form factor, which is thin and light, is very under indexed and under exploited.

Confusion over how the virus is transmitted was reignited last week when the CDC edited the “How COVID 19 Spreads” page on their COVID 19 website to mention contaminated surfaces and objects under a new heading entitled, “The virus does not spread easily in other ways.”Israel police kill Palestinian they mistakenly thought was armedIsraeli police in annexed east Jerusalem on Saturday shot dead a disabled Palestinian they mistakenly thought was armed with a pistol, prompting furious condemnation from the Palestinians. The incident happened in the alleys of the walled Old City near Lions Gate, an access point mainly used by Palestinians. “Police units on patrol there spotted a suspect with a suspicious object that looked like a pistol,” an Israeli police statement said.

Chiron is freshly re entered in Pisces, as of 11:56 AM PST on the 8th. What can we expect? The transiting entity is really the Archetype in its purest form; that means it brings the Chiron focus on both skills and wounds to whatever it touches, and the flavor of this is that of Chiron personality: a noble being, intellectually focused, a loner who has developed knowledge and skills, with a significant ability to facilitate healing in Pisces this suggests that healing may be received and hurt examined through dreams, creativity, experiences with the Collective, the Arts, large entities like corporations or nations, escapist activities, drugs, drink, and all perception altering substances, and you could meet the Chirotic energy through the lies, deceptions, illusions, dreams, or creativity and imaginings of others. Emotions may carry the healing/wounding essence, and we might want to be alert every time we hear or see Water imagery used someone says they or someone else is with x, a fog, or to name just a few possibilities, we must recognize that the Chirotic spirit has a presence in the proceedings..

The main military leaders of the country, of course, do not share this view. Fourteen factional leaders, including warlords Gen. Mohamed Farah Aideed and Mohamed Ali Mahdi, were brought together in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, last month to begin political talks.