If you are shooting at home (whether yours or the client’s), draperies or curtains can work, but only if they are solid color, and not patterned. (See the shot of my granddaughter at top right.)Shooting outdoors has its own pitfalls of potentially disastrous backgrounds. Many would be photographers tend to get so focused on their subject that they develop tunnel vision, and forget to check for what is lurking behind the subject.

Cucumbers contain related organic compounds that are thought to cause the taste some people find repugnant (and others don’t notice at all). A gene called TAS2R38 is responsible for the ability to taste the earlier mentioned PTC, and another bitter compound called PROP. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that there could be some more unpleasant chemicals that only certain people can taste..

Dingoes are unique and belong to the outback, tying in intricately with Aboriginal culture. Australian settlers wrote about witnessing an Aboriginal woman ‘caring’ for dingo pups as if they were her own. Dingoes are a beautiful sub species of wolf who are endangered through the ignorance of humans who have allowed and encouraged interbreeding with domestic dogs.

You can create tons of different effects by tweaking the settings within the 3D decoupage tool the screenshot above shows just a few of the different types of looks you can achieve. It may take you a little time to get the hang of the tool, though, since certain options definitely work better on some photos and objects than others. However, there is a nice explanation of the different settings in a tutorial inside the built in user manual (select CraftArtist Help from the Help menu to access this manual)..

It failed. The Normans had particularly harsh judicial punishments, and when William of Eu was defeated in a trial by combat for treason, he was sentenced to blinding and castration. One might presume that in those circumstances the tenant in chief and lord of the manor of Tickenham was rather too occupied to be closely involved with the building of a new church at around the turn of that century or anything else relating to a scattered West Country village, other than receiving revenues..

Current exhibits include “Shift” by contemporary painters Tiffany Calvert and Alex Kanevsky; “Dreams,” photographs of Easton, Pa., by Peter Ydeen; “Other Worlds: Inka Essenhigh” and “War is Only Half the Story,” photographs from 40 photographers that tell the stories of the people left behind after the cameras have moved on from a war zone. New Year’s Eve and is closed New Year’s Day. Cost is $8 for adults; $5 for students ages 12 and older, military, and ages 62+.