From a few weekends ago woke up early to catch the sunrise at Huntington Beach Pier on a Saturday morning. I was lucky around 6:20 ish AM the lights on the pier automatically shut off was able to catch 2 HDR in time! The photo above was one shot. As I continued to shoot the pier was cool to see all the surfers arrive at the same time.

First of all let me explain what I mean by Angels. There are the obvious ones, with large white wings, and Heavenly aura, and other similar, but with slightly different interpretations. And then there are those that are a lot more subtle. Who understand how to work with other leaders to manage risks, who understand that bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence and who put the interests of the American people ahead of their personal business interests,” Clinton said in Indianapolis. “We have got to be clear about this: No one should be confused about America’s commitment to Europe not an autocrat in the Kremlin, not a presidential candidate on a Scottish golf course.”The real estate mogul blamed the press Monday for getting his point wrong and ignoring the calls he got right.”The media is unrelenting. They will only go with and report a story in a negative light.

Gosling and Crowe are a winning team one a flaky slacker, the other a dumb brute but of the two, Gosling’s comic performance, on the heels of his scene stealing turn in The Big Short, is a knockabout delight. For all the liveliness of the dialogue, it’s Gosling’s physical shtick that pays the biggest dividends, from his hapless attempts to cover himself after Crowe confronts him in a bathroom stall to a full on Lou Costello routine when he comes upon a dead body. And true of a many an LA sleuth, he presents himself as a lazy dope, but in crucial moments, proves to be considerably more sly than expected.

Clyde went to a clothing store, then to a restaurant to order five meals and a block of ice for Buck’s head wound to keep his brain from swelling. Then he went to the pharmacy for medical supplies. Went to Perry and stole another V 8, then Bonnie and Clyde made another food run.

“I was there every step of the way. I didn’t source the fabric or anything like that, but I gave the style guide of what I’m into and what I was looking for,” he says, adding that he looked to what he already had around his house when he was coming up with the different pieces for the project, which took him about a year. “My partner came to my house and we dug through my closet multiple times to build the line by looking at things I clearly wear and like.