More than 50 employees of O’Brien’s agency from as far away as Pittsfield bought tickets, most of them giving to Cahill for the first and only time. Several probation employees interviewed by Ware said that one of O’Brien’s top aides, Francis Wall, urged them to go.Just five days before the fund raiser, the state lottery, which was controlled by Cahill, offered O’Brien’s wife, Laurie, a job as a night shift computer operator, even though she had never formally applied.”Subsequently, there was a concerted effort within the Probation Department to help Laurie O’Brien obtain a more desirable position within the Lottery,” wrote Ware.A week after Cahill got the thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from probation employees, his aides decided to offer Laurie O’Brien a better job, a day job in customer service that paid her $50,950 in 2009, according to state payroll records. Public employees are also barred from using public resources including government offices for political purposes.Ware also noted that O’Brien improperly relied on an employee who was an old friend of Cahill to act as a go between in promoting his wife for the job.In testimony before Ware, Scott Campbell, a top Cahill aide who others said helped Laurie O’Brien land her job, repeatedly said “I cannot recall,” when asked how she came to be hired or who contacted him on her behalf.

Eudaimonia means living with peace, harmony and purpose. “Eudaimonia translates to human flourishing or prosperity,” Bilder explains. “But we define it as the sense of well being and happiness that comes from living life with meaning and purpose.” How do we achieve eudaimonia? Perhaps the answer can be found by observing winners of UCLA’s annual Eudaimonia Awards.

But he’s the “one A list Republican who has credibility with Massachusetts voters,” says Mr. Stewart, adding that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. Erik knows it, but he is a musical genius who traveled all over the world. I’ve always wanted to hear romeo and Juliet wedding night duet, but I’ve never been able to find it. Enjoyable read..

5. Have the protagonist sleuth follow a trail that leads to the wrong person. The more convinced the sleuth is that person is guilty the more she pursues , and the more exciting the story becomes. “Before we went into pandemic lockdown, I received draft State Department documentation that it is now pursuing this previously undisclosed sale details of which have not yet been made public.”He said Pompeo has refused to answer his questions about the draft document.Air Force: Air Force admits ‘persistent and consistent racial’ bias against black airmen, records showGrassley said Linick’s replacement Stephen J. Akard, a one time aide to Vice President Mike Pence has a conflict of interest because he also serves in another top role at the State Department. Trump appointed Akard to lead the agency’s Office of Foreign Missions, a position he has held since 2019.Grassley blasted the decision to put a State Department political appointee in the inspector general’s office and allow him to keep both positions.”The White House Counsel’s letter does not address this glaring conflict of interest,” he said.