For months, Sovereign Valentine had been feeling progressively run down. The 50 year old personal trainer, who goes by “Sov,” tried changing his workout and diet to no avail.Finally, one Sunday, he drove himself to the hospital in the small town of Plains, Mont., where his wife, Jessica, happened to be the physician on call. “I couldn’t stop throwing up.

“One resident and one staff member have tested positive for the COVID 19 virus,” officials said. “Infection control measures have been put in place to manage the outbreak and are being monitored by the health unit. Staff who have been in contact with the resident have been instructed to wear personal protective equipment at all times and to self monitor for symptoms.”Story continues below.

4. At the Altar Getting MarriedHere comes the bride, all dressed in whatever color she chooses. So it is your big day, a wonderful day. The initial driving force behind the Visual History Project is to preserve the heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine through the video documentation of the life changing experience and wisdom shared by pioneers and leading figures in China. Since 2005, the video documentation team organized and sponsored by the Center for East West Medicine has made multiple trips to China to conduct interviews and site visits. These efforts have yielded over 150 hours of video footage which included some of the most prominent figures representing a full spectrum of expertise:Blood StasisThe project team has dedicated its ongoing effort to the postproduction tasks which include transcription, cataloging, editing, and translation of the wealth of video footage.

“She’s got some really great ideas. She knows the visual style. She knows what she’s trying to say in the sequence. Her family read the front page story written in the Orange County Register and contacted me through that. They wanted her to meet me, and then she went home that night and thinks of the lemonade stand on her own. All of her friends have opened lemonade stands on the weekends and have raised $1,500 just 11 year old girls putting up lemonade stands on street corners..

This is our new normal. Everyone was wearing a face covering and I soon realised I had to ditch the sunglasses, in spite of the bright sunlight. With only eyes in evidence, it was impossible to communicate a smile with mine covered. We are excited to share that via the Lightning Foundation; a portion of each registration was donated to benefit the AdventHealth Care 360 Program’s transportation service. Care 360 is designed to help patients successfully transition from the hospital to home or another care facility. The transportation service helps get patients in need to follow up appointments.