I had a black pearl once that I liked to just sit and view; it was the first black pearl I’d ever seen. A black star sapphire was also lovely, but I was clumsy with jewelry; it used to get caught in things somehow. But even more intriguing is the fact that the rivers of Tennessee are full of cultured pearls molded by the native Washboard Mollusk.

Stardust was a bust at the box office, but it’s a delightful fantasy action romance comedy with an impressive cast: Claire Danes as the personification of a fallen star, Michelle Pfeiffer as the witch out to regain her youth by eating the star’s heart, Peter O’Toole as a dying king and Robert De Niro as the secret harbouring captain of a flying pirate ship. Male lead Charlie Cox is denied over the title billing only because he is, well, unknown. For bonus points, play spot the influence.

RY: I like playing with the idea of simulation. In terms of game balance, what’s the difference between a 43 percent probability, or a 43.253 percent probability sourced from an anti discrimination study? The difference is conceptual. 0.253 percent doesn’t change the behavior of the simulation in a significant way, but it does change what it all means.

Mr Chauvin, who has been fired along with the other three police officers who apprehended Mr Floyd, was reported to the division 18 times. According to a police summary, only two of the complaints were “closed with discipline”.Yahoo NewsWhite House encourages hydroxychloroquine use for coronavirus againThe White House continued on Thursday to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine, the antimalarial drug that President Trump and some of his supporters have held out as a treatment for the coronavirus, against the advice of the Food and Drug Administration and in the face of studies that have shown it can be harmful in some cases. Routinely touted by prominent conservative allies of the president, including primetime Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham, it has been denounced by members of the medical establishment as an unproven therapy that poses the risk of potentially fatal heart complications.

Jesse MacDonald says he didn’t know that his business, Blacksmith Art Studio, wasn’t allowed under the city’s zoning bylaw when an inspector stopped by in November 2016. Then, as now, tattoo parlours are only permitted along major roads, in shopping centres, downtown and in industrial areas.Blacksmith takes up the bottom floor of a house in a mixed part of the Heritage neighbourhood something forbidden under existing regulations. One of MacDonald’s two artists, Jesse Exner, lives upstairs.”We’re a healthy part of this neighbourhood,” said MacDonald.