Let’s start with the good news the GOP won the Senate! On the surface, this was clearly a bad outcome for Democrats, but it’s probably the best possible result for Hillary. First, panicked Democrats may be less inclined to look elsewhere for a candidate, particularly since Clinton is almost certainly the best positioned and definitely the most popular Democratic presidential wannabe. It’s not hard to imagine Democrats coalescing quickly around her candidacy, fearful of a drawn out intra party primary fight..

This is what I am doing with the postings and the article I am onto now. Our culture is still in its somewhat pristine and original form, So that, this article is original because it is addressing an original reality Our cultures, customs, traditions, practices, scared rites, language, music, dances and our traditional wear, languages, communities thus making the writing thus far: Original. If we understand, control own and disseminate our culture ourselves, we are empowering ourselves and liberating ourselves at the same time.

And, since the child is a total reflection of the PD parent, that reflection must be perfect. Woe to the child who does not ‘toe the line’ and be perfect in grades, sports, performances, manner, or appearance. Often, very harsh penalties are realized by the child from an enraged, ’embarrassed’ PD parent.

Though Linda, a sales assistant and “wig wrangler” for both shops, admits that she misses all “the girls” being under one roof she thinks the expansion was good for both boutiques. “They have more room now. When you come in you can see everything.” Coco Coquette has expanded offerings to fill the new footprint, with a new make up line and even more accessories..

Only eight times and not since Chicago in 2013 has the team that won that gone on to capture Lord Stanley mug Senators GM Pierre Dorion needs to change his thinking. Judging by Thursday zoom call, he actually should let his girlfriend cut his hair. Or wear a cap on zoom calls..

Of course, she didn know how things were going to develop. I think I did know, though. I think I knew from the very beginning. Even more than an hour before the start of Wednesday night’s performance of “Hamilton” at the Boston Opera House, a palpable buzz emanated from both inside and outside the theater. The line to get in was already out the door, with pockets of fans crowding the sidewalk. WBZ TV had a camera and lights set up nearby a reporter stopped groups as they passed to ask them about their excitement for the show, giving them their own moments in the spotlight..