Building of The Point Iroquois Light Congress recognized the need for a lighthouse to guide the ships shortly after the first Soo Lock was built on the St. Mary’s river. In 1855, money was appropriated, and the first Light was constructed of stone and wood costing a mere $5000.

The first type of rain gauge is the rainfall scale (also known as a weighing precipitation gauge). In this device, a scale actually weighs the amount of water that has fallen into it and converts this information to a depth. Rainfall scales offer the most accurate form of measurement, even during high intensity storms.

Farooq, BS in Biology, Michelle C. Fernandez, BS in Chemistry, , Susan L. Gatanis, BA in Communication, Summa Cum Laude, The Humanities Department Award for Excellence in Public Relations, Kerri Green, MED in Academic Standards K 6, Susan B. A previous claim from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that its prevent hate speech from being sent was roundly rejected by the Phandeeyar backed group, which helped Facebook identify hate speech on Facebook and Messenger. Or Europe. Area of tech where Facebook is hoping to make a tangible impact is the adoption of Unicode, which is yet to happen widely in the country.

The One2flush system (pictured right) works with both 1.6 and 3.5 gallon toilets. If you have an an old 1.6 toilet, you can use a half flush for liquid waste (only .8 gallons of water) or a full flush for solid waste (1.4 gallons). And if yours is a 3.5 gallon toilet, you can reduce its water guzzling to 1 gallon per half flush and 2 gallons per full flush..

She is a single, childless, middle aged woman in a culture that treats women, even stratospherically successful women, as less than if they don marry and have babies. Reading the subtext of her interviews, sifting through all the protestations and relationship talk, you get the sense that she may be ambivalent about fulfilling this conventional role. I don’t think there anything wrong with living by your own rules you know, whatever blows your hair back, she told GQ.

As the parent company of Ray Ban and Oakley, Luxottica will work with Google to introduce Glass devices that incorporate the styles of the two well known eyewear brands. Market. For their part, tech enthusiasts will likely be excited by potential Glass devices from Oakley, a brand known for its futuristic designs..

The blogs should be 300 to 500 word opinionated responses to the week’s readings and/or assignments, inter larded with some evaluation of their cogency, relevance, and value. They should be submitted by 6:00 PM on the Wednesday before the class, beginning 10 May. Everyone is expected to read all the blogs before coming to class..