When a Wiccan expects special consideration at work, at school, or even in the home, when they’re not even really necessary, we look unreasonable. When Wiccans dress up, donning pentagrams the size of dinner plates and what looks like renaissance garb, don’t be surprised at the negative attention it might bring. This would be the equivalent of a Christian going to a majority Wiccan country (if there were one) in a white loincloth while carrying a giant cross.

I want to offer you the same feedback I would offer any client who provided me with the details you supplied please forgive me if I misunderstood what you conveyed, but you are speaking as if you have the ultimate say in having a relationship with either of these men you yourself say that each has broken things off, implying the break wasn in your hands.I also want to ask you this: if you were Person B, how would you feel if your prospective partner wanted to date someone else (your best friend!) but then had plans to down with you after? I know you have no intention of hurting either man absolutely not in question I do think you feeling a kind of Saturn pressure, and that it may be overpowering your respect for the feelings of these men, both of whom have created distance that they may or may not want to continue.So I would counsel that you get clear both on what you actually want, and how much of creating that is actually within your power (sometimes, all you can do is know what you want, and offer yourself). As I sure you aware, your Saturn Return hasn actually kicked in yet even begin to enter orb until this November you may be anticipating something before you really know how it feels or will manifest. Your current focus on Saturn, though, may be a manifestation of your Solar Arc Sun within orb of conjoining your natal Saturn essence creating all the same considerations that the Saturn Return brings.

FaustNothing is more important to The Phantom of the Opera than Gounod’s Faust. A lot of people think this is because there are some sort of weird occult undertones to the novel. However, the real reason is that there is nothing more appropriate than to have a bunch of opera singers in France during the late 19th century performing what, at the time, was the most popular French opera ever written (Bizet’s Carmen was still considered a bit too seedy by most audiences)..

This revenue helps us to fund journalism across . It has since started to create fabric face masks for kids in light of the pandemic.pack of two is 18 and a pack of four is 35, and they are available in prints such as pirates, flamingos and superheroes. The packs are available in three sizes, S, M and L, and are suitable for children between three and 16.