He does care. He wants his supporters to show up. His tweet from earlier on Saturday sent that signal to his supporters, and then his answer to the reporter makes it even more clear that he’s rooting for a clash. Water will be used for quasi municipal purposes from January 1st to December 31st of each year. The existing point of diversion was located within the SE1/4 SW1/4 Section 14, T22S, R60E, MDB or at a point from which the S1/4 corner of said Section 14 bears S 40 degrees 02 minutes 43 seconds E, a distance of 1,164.30 feet. Water was used for quasi municipal purposes from January 1st to December 31st of each year..

Picking out the right pair of performance sunglasses depends a lot on how you plan to use them, says Tyler Andersen, senior optician at SportRx, a company that makes prescription lenses compatible with a wide range of brands. Lenses that work well for hunting in low light conditions, for example, probably aren’t ideal for a run in full daylight. Even so, says Andersen, there are two factors to consider regardless of your sport: making sure the frames stay on your face and that they fully protect your eyes from the sun..

We use We produce results on the characteristic curves mirroring those of Uribe Vargas () on the asymptotic curves. By considering cross ratios of Legendrian lines in the manifold of contact elements to the surface we show that certain properties of the characteristic curves are invariant under projective transformations, and examine their behaviour at cusps of Gauss.

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Pleaded guilty to drink driving. Disqualified from driving for 24 months. Also fined ordered to pay a victim surcharge of and court costs of YOUSEF AUBRES TOURINO, 22, of Gamble Road, Portsmouth. Took the course. A lot of it is cruft and motivation for the underlying core ideas. The techniques suggested are things many people are already familiar with: recall, deliberate practice, interleaving, spaced repetition, Einstellung, Pomodoro, Feynman Method, Cornell notes or similar (to force recall), exercise regularly, sleep well, focus on concepts not facts (chunking), etc.