Doming (also called dapping): Sheet metal is formed into a hollow dome shape by putting the flat metal in a dome shaped hole (in a doming block), and then compressing the metal into the hole with a doming punch to shape it. The doming blocks are usually made of steel although they are also available in brass and wood. The blocks provide a selection of domed holes of different diameters so you can choose the size of dome you want..

The killer, as you may have already deduced, isn’t human. He’s a massive orca called Tilikum, a 6 ton bull who performs at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla. And Blackfish is no Inside Edition hype job, but rather a lean and dramatic activist documentary that argues a case for the inherent danger and immorality of holding these so called killer whales a misnomer, many say in captivity..

1 large ripe papaya, peeled, and cut into chunks for blending1 onion chopped1carrot minced finelyA piece of ginger about the size of your thumb, minced10 cloves of garlic1 20 hot fresh chilies, use as many as you like1 tablespoon whole allspiceVinegar and salt to tasteOrange or pineapple juice to thin the consistencyHeat some oil in a heavy fry pan, and saut the onion and carrot until softened. You are looking to get a balance of sour and sweet. The sauce should be only very pleasantly sour.

It is a beautiful little city. Wonderful during the summer. This photo is of the Salzburg Castle. Just don know, man, Mitchell said. Blood clot traveled to his lungs and killed him. A blood clot. As someone who does it for a profession and who looks at other people in the industry and understands what they do, there a lot that goes into it and makes it seem effortless. With that, I think a lot of people see it and think, just put up a video and get to walk a red carpet! At least with the book and with the documentary coming out, I very much want to show behind the scenes so that people can get a better understanding of it. When I think about my favorite creators, when you take away the editing and the lighting and the fancy cameras, they great storytellers.

The Classic Candy NecklaceIntroduced in 1958 but not really popular until the 60’s, when pre teens like me and my brother wore them to show some kind of solidarity with the hippies we saw on TV, candy necklaces were pretty much a failure as both a candy and a necklace. Not tasty at all a little like super bland Sweet Tarts and oddly uncomfortable to have around your neck all day. Plus if it was hot your sweat melted the candy, leaving little color marks around your neck for a few days at least.