Can buy their high tech specs, Google has a few hurdles to jump to make Glass an everyday item for regular people. Apart from the still exclusive price point of $1,500 (Google will surely drop that when Glass releases wide), there some backlash out there from people concerned about privacy, and a general consensus from some that Google Glass owners are just Glassholes. Some are, there no denying that even Google has asked their early Glass explorers to tone it down a bit..

But not all is gloom on Main Street. It was a longtime Main Street merchant who tipped police that a group of area men was molesting young boys in 1981. That same year, hundreds of Christians marched along Main Street to protest pornography and eventually witnessed the closing of topless bars and most adult bookstores in Daytona Beach..

Having begun her teaching career at the Todd Hunter School in New York City, she later taught at public schools in Manchester and Greenwich, before establishing in 1948, the Hilltop Nursery School in Manchester over which she presided for the next 36 years as a guiding and affectionate presence in the early lives of the generations of children entrusted to her care. A long time member of St. James Catholic Church of Manchester, of the Democratic Party and of the League of Women Voters, she served over the years as president of the Association of Young Children of Hartford County, held an appointment on the Commission on Rules and Regulations pertaining to Nursey and Day Care Centers, and in 1958, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Town of Manchester.

GONYEA: Well, let’s start with a guy wearing his faded Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. His name is Lou Guzzo. He’s 49 years old. More trouble in Toronto. Mark Jackson says, “Guys are either going to have to learn the offense or sit down and watch, because it’s killing us. Some nights you overcome it by ad libbing, but if we want to be an elite team, we can’t accept that.

On another night, when the Marines were staying in an abandoned school most of the men were relaxing and the two females were writing in a journal and listening to music when they were attacked. The staff Sergeant needed two people to accompany him into the classroom that was hit by rocket propelled grenades. Blais said that she would go.

“I told him there was an ocean and a desert in the way,” says Tony Palmer, who filmed the trek for his documentary Ginger Baker in Africa. “And Ginger said, He drove through the desert like he played the drums: he just put his foot down and hoped for the best. He has this it, I going to do it, nobody can stop me attitude.”.