The Trinamool runs the government in Kolkata in alliance with the Congress though it is not dependent on the party for numbers in the state assembly. The Congress is the junior partner in the West Bengal government and has five ministers. From the very beginning of the alliance in the state, Congressmen have grumbled about the treatment they have been meted out at the hands of the Trinamool..

Women have their bad days. But for the most part they bring joy to the family. They are excited when the kids do well in school. I have a special signal I want you to learn. Whisper: Abecedarians have a special signal for when they want to say something. [Raise your hand].

It was also very sad. It is, after all, a tragic love story, but I felt additional sadness at the seemingly endless inability of humans to just get along, and to recognize our mutual underlying humanity, and overlook the skin level differences. This play truly emphasizes that failing, and multiple losses and tragedies are the result..

To engineer Oakley 3D eyewear, Oakley combined its industry leading frame innovations with lens technologies that maximize the 3D experience by offering unprece dented levels of clarity and visual fidelity. “TRON” Limited Edition 3D Gascan features HDO 3D, a collection of proprietary lens innovations that have achieved the first optically correct 3D eyewear on Earth. Oakley 3D lenses virtually eliminate the ghosting or “crosstalk” between images that reach each eye from one moment to the next, a potential problem with inferior 3D eyewear..

Camp provides time to take stock, to think, to evaluate the year past and to make promises to themselves for the year ahead.Camp brochures tend to emphasize all the sports, crafts, and fun that camps offer. Most of them sound, and are, truly wonderful. But it is in the of Camp Philosophy that you will find out what kinds of opportunities for growth the camp seeks to provide for your child.

Iranian media covered the apparent “honour” crime extensively, with Ebtekar newspaper leading its front page with the headline “Unsafe father house”. According to local media, Romina Ashrafi was killed in her sleep on May 21 by her father, who decapitated her in the family home in Talesh in northern Gilan province.The GuardianWhy the officers fired for the George Floyd killing could ultimately get their jobs backThe four Minneapolis officers involved in the killing of George Floyd were swiftly fired after footage of his death went viral. Officers in the US are frequently rehired after their termination for misconduct, a problem that experts say increases the likelihood of abuse and killings by police.