I went to the SVP (Society for Vertebrate Paleontology) conference in Seattle in 1993. [The Argentine paleontologist] Rodolfo Coria, who was then just a grad student, did one of the poster sessions and he had a photo of a femur from an unnamed theropod. He discussed what needed to be done to excavate it and how little it would cost.

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Sarah Kiepper, MA, MS, is the new Director of Career Services (2017) at ETI Technical College in Niles, OH. Ms. Kiepper earned a BA in Justice Studies from Kent State University (2002); an MA in English Literature, and Graduate Certificates in Composition and Women’s Studies from The University of Akron (2005); and an MS in Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University (2007).

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It’s been an amazing change for us. Our new home is all electric. During the move in in July it was very hot, and we set the new 3 ton Lennox heat pump HVAC system to maintain 68 degrees. I had a fractured orbital bone, I had four concussions, so I take offense to that. We get cross matched again and he hit me with another elbow. I looked at the ref and I remember it like it was yesterday.

When it comes to software, Intel has said that the Vaunt will reduce work done on smartphones, similar to what a smartwatch does. The smart glasses will reportedly support some apps and will work with both iPhones and Android devices. Notably, Intel’s smart glasses will get voice assistant integration in the future as it does not have a microphone right now, the company has revealed..