In ‘The Menagerie’ (Daniels, 17/11/66), Pike is given the option to live in a virtual reality where he will have full mobility again. While this may sound appealing, it is not real, merely a figment of the imagination, much like a holodeck simulates people and places. Everyone likes to dream, but it is unhealthy to stay trapped inside a fantasy.

As a last tidbit, what we found when we started InvestorCarrot was that our best customers are the ones who value and understand the long term ROI really well. They tend to get the best results and implement what we teach. Our pricing when we launched was about half what it is now.

Don’t be bashful in trying more than one! My female dog learned this trick best by shaping using a prompt, my male found it easier through luring. So get your tasty treats ready, and skip those old, stale doggie cookies you forgot in the jar on the top shelf. You want treats Rover drools for so to get that motivation in full gear..

Her relationships have been tabloid fodder ever since March 2016 when a messy breakup with the NBA star Kyrie Irving led to a torrent of trolls accusing her of infidelity. Days later, she addressed the split on Instagram “No one was cheated on and I’m not a bad person ” she wrote, revealing she’d also tried to kill herself. “People don’t realise how it feels to be the base of it in bulk,” she says of the online abuse.

UKIP’s disastrous performance in the local elections in England has prompted a senior figure to compare the party to the Black Death, a disease that killed over 50m across Europe in the 14th century.By 9am on Friday morning the party had lost 92 out of its 183 councilors. The only high point was in Derby where they gained a seat to force Labour to lose control of the council and change its status to No Overall Control (NOC).In a BBC Radio 4 interview, Paul Oakley, UKIP general secretary told listeners that his party had suffered as a result of financial instability and a long protracted internal battle with ex leader Henry Bolton over his girlfriend racist messages.More was to come from Oakley, in what many will feel is a comical claim, Oakley went on to compare his party’s current standing to the bubonic plague as he explained, of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. He continued, comes along and it causes disruption, and then it goes dormant.

The human mind is a fascinating and many splendid thing, capable of great feats of intellect, creativity, and beauty. Upon this same spectrum lies a darker side, the more sinister corners of our psyche that are lesser seen and still lesser understood. For many these dark waters lay undisturbed, while others toe the tides in curiosity or fear.