In my Medical Law and Ethics classes, one of the many legal issues I have the class research are current legal actions and court decisions on harassment. Believe me, there are plenty of cases to read! As long as someone with power and/or position feels invulnerable (and above the law), these unfortunate situations continue to arise and the ones that actually get on a court docket are, by the nature of the beast, only the tip of the iceburg. Whistleblower cases suffer the same history, and in fact the current Congress is considering passage of a law to strengthen the protections already in place for whistleblowers since the unfortunate truth is that despite federal protection, their rights are most frequently trampled, they DO lose their jobs, and are often blacklisted from further employment.

TO: In a world where queer people can be arrested, killed, punished, or fired for being queer, safe spaces are vital. They’re where you can go to feel connected to others in the community, and to find ways to cope with whatever the world may throw at you. Many young LGBTQ+ people don’t have those safe spaces yet in their schools, churches, or homes.

She was like, my God! I can believe it you! I have this idea about you doing a show that I writing! I like, OK. Well, you know how that goes. Most of the time that doesn end up happening. “[Selection committee member] Rod Thorn called me. I said, I won’t play if Isiah Thomas is on the team, Jordan can be heard saying in a past interview. “He assured me.

As a salesperson for years I know that product diversity and marketability are two important factors in business. The more places your product can be out there, the more chance for business. So with the website and blog in placeI set up Twitter and Facebook immediately.

You do need your pupillary distance, but you either measure this yourself with the help of a friend, or ask your optometrist. Around 8000 yen, frames and lenses. Place the ruler on the mirror and stare with your left eye into that same eye mirror image, such that the ruler 0 tick is centered on the pupil.

The company is bringing back their KIND PRIDE bar this year and 100% of net sales will be donated to the Ali Forney Center (AFC), a long standing KIND partner and this year’s NYC Pride March Grand Marshal, to assist in its efforts to protect and empower homeless LGBTQIA+ youth across the country.IKEA STORSTOMMAIKEA is another company that turns one of their products into money for the queer community. This year’s rainbow tote bag is called STORSTOMMA and 100% of the profits will go directly to LGBTQIA+ charities.You will see a lot of companies making money off of the backs of LGBTQIA+ folks by peddling Pride gear; the rainbows and glitter are admittedly fabulous and tempting, but I would love to see organizations and individuals giving their money to actual queer folks who are struggling. You might not think these suggestions are sexy and you won’t get to show off a new item of clothing, but putting your money into organizations actively making the lives of queer people better is something you can feel good about.Before adding something to your shopping cart, make sure you are making a difference.