My birthday is in a few days, although I am not at a milestone. I will turn 36, which feels a little strange to me. Past mid 30’s, headed toward 40. I solved this problem with a bell. I hung a jingle bell from a cord on the handle of the front door. I manipulated the dogs’ noses so they’d ring the bell in order to make the door open.

The Chinese pronunciation of vase is ‘ping’ (), which is a homophone of ‘ping’ (). The latter ‘ping’ () is used as in ‘ping an’ (safety ), ‘ping jing’ (peaceful ), ‘ping wen’ (stable ), and ‘ping bu qing yun’ (smooth sailing in career ), etc. Thus, the vase is considered auspicious and harbinger of the state of being safe and well and having a smooth career..

One would think that when one is disproved, they would all be disproved, but that wasn’t the case with me. And it was this system of gradual realization that led to my first atheist thought. All these magical beings didn’t exist, despite how widespread they were and despite how many people believed in them, so did that mean that God also didn’t exist? He’s above Santa on the believability scale, but clearly that scale was flawed.

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Additionally, I encountered another issue that made it very difficult to take phone calls with the Galaxy Buds+. For some reason, every time I answered a call, the audio would switch back to my iPhone speaker and I had to manually change the source in order to hear the call through the buds. The phone wasn’t losing the Bluetooth connection, it just wouldn’t use it as the default for incoming phone calls..

Be aggressive, like Coach tells me, said Wall, who has at least 20 points and 10 assists in five consecutive games, matching a franchise record. Matter how good or how bad you playing, this is the main part of the game where you try to win. Morris scored a season high 26 points and had 10 rebounds, one game after sitting out a win at Brooklyn with an injured right calf..

In the 2000s, states slashed it from their budgets. It revamped its curriculum to focus less on drugs and more on smart decision making. Still, it’s a shadow of its former self. The first, subtree perfectness, requires that the solution of a sequential problem, when restricted to a sub problem, yields the solution to that sub problem. The second, backward induction, requires that the solution of the problem can be found by working backwards from the final stage of the problem, removing everything judged non optimal at any stage. The third, locality, applies only to special problems such as Markov decision processes, and requires that the optimal choice at each stage (considered separately from the rest of the problem) forms an optimal strategy.