We’ll chat with the creative minds behind Three Busy Debras: Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari and Alyssa Stonoha. They’ll explain what it means to be a Debra, and where they initially got the idea of the Debras. Plus, what it was like to sell out Carnegie Hall.

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This Date Palm is slow in growth and reaches a height of 40 50 feet. This tree has a single upright, thick trunk with no branches. The trunk is 4 5 feet thick with diamond shaped patterns from old leaf scars. “But this behavior just doesn work with that.”Oakley maintains he did nothing wrong before arena security approached him his seat Wednesday, just a few rows behind Dolan.”That was just a situation where the person didn work out and this was probably the last straw,” Dolan said. “We obviously looking at everything that we did here along the way and what happened, and that one of the casualties.”Oakley played for the Knicks from 1988 98, helping them become one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. But they have been one of the worst franchises of the last 15 years, and Oakley criticisms of the team and management has led to a strained relationship with the organization.”This is not just a day before yesterday incident.

“So we said, All right, we don’t like it either, so let’s change the system so that none of us can take the money,'” Curtis recalls. Thus local campaign finance reform became her next avenue of attack on the status quo. Curtis joined up with Democratic strategist and Priorities First! co chair Heckler and Brent White, a hard working grassroots activist who began the push to limit contributions in local elections.

TV station economics were fragile even before the pandemic. KCBS, in particular, has struggled for years in the ratings and has experienced low morale and management turnover. Its newscasts trail KABC, Spanish language KMEX TV Channel 34, KVEA TV Channel 52 and KNBC TV Channel 4 in viewers.

“This letter seems to be saying a system of 10 community hospitals is damaging community health care, which is our own business,” Murphy said. “Without us buying these hospitals, most, if not all of them, would have failed or closed. We’re out there as a business saving community hospitals and keeping patients in the community.”.