18, Bright urged Kadlec and his group to coordinate senior level meetings, called Disaster Leadership Group meetings, to coordinate planning activities across the government for the emerging outbreak, but Kadlec pushed off the request, the complaint says, emailing that he’s “[n]ot sure if that is a time sensitive urgency.”Kadlec and others also ignored Bright’s warnings about a potential shortage of N95 masks, the complaint says even though Bright forwarded them an email warning that mask shortages were “an imminent risk.”Those concerns were ignored until early February, when a mask supplier warning about shortages connected Bright with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, who “shared Dr. Bright’s sense of urgency” and eventually prodded HHS to take action, the complaint says.Bright also raised red flags about a potential shortage of testing materials and was again blown off by HHS leadership, the complaint says.Kadlec and other agency officials were far more responsive when it came to directives from the White House to ramp up acquisitions of hydroxychloroquine. Trump frequently touted the drug during his daily news conferences, calling it a potential game changer for treating the virus, and the Food and Drug Administration in March granted emergency use approval to distribute millions of doses of the drugs to hospitals across the country to be used specifically in hospitalized patients.Since then, scientists have warned of major flaws in an initial study suggesting that the drug might be effective in treating the illness, and the journal that published the study announced that it did not meet its standards.

Was easily the largest one month drop on record but was still less bad than feared, he said. Canada had earlier estimated the drop at nine per cent in March. Losses were across the board: 19 of the 20 sectors that Statistics Canada reports on yielded negative results.

Why did I say that the popular vote usually determines which candidate will receive all of the electoral votes from a particular state if they have won the popular vote in that state? Why did I not say they always do? Because most of the time members of the Electoral College vote according to their state’s popular vote, but not always. They are not bound by any state’s laws to do so. Refused to cast a vote at all despite having promised to vote according to the popular vote in her district.

Vital to the Jon Snow Targaryen theory is this: with her last breath, we are told that Lyanna extracted an oath from her brother Eddard. So far it hasn’t yet been disclosed to the reader precisely what this promise entailed. Since Robert Baratheon despised the Targaryens in general and loathed Rhaegar in particular, and in view of Ned’s close friendship with Robert, it seems possible that Lyanna would ask her brother to protect her baby from the man who would soon be crowned as King.