Many of the polio stricken patients were tiny toddlers and little children who required baby beds. The community again stepped up and brought in dozens of cribs for these little sufferers. But a grown man of twenty seven was the first to be placed in the iron lung, a machine which creates an airtight seal around a person’s body.

After the 12th century invasion of the Normans, the native Irish were reduced to the status of tenants, living on small farms on inhospitable land. A hierarchy emerged with Norman/English landowners at the top, merchants in the middle, and servants and poverty stricken farmers at the bottom. He therefore allowed him to occupy, at some remote corner of his farm, a miserable hut, a mere shell, formed of mud or sods, without loft, apartment or partition and sometimes without any other covering than that of straw or any chimney than the door.

The hot story today is not Madonna’s gloves but her winning song for best original song from the 2012 Golden Globes. Called Masterpiece. I see no reason to repeat jealous vicious words here. Black families, supported by the NAACP and prominent black leaders, boycotted the schools and engaged in a two year legal battle resulting in the reintegration of schools. The Mt. Zion AME Church was the central meeting place in the effort..

Three main themes associated with early parenthood emerged from the qualitative studies: dislike of school; poor material circumstances and unhappy childhood; and low expectations for the future. Comparison of these factors related to teenage pregnancy with the content of the programmes used in the controlled trials indicated that both early childhood interventions and youth development programmes are appropriate strategies for reducing unintended teenage pregnancies. The programmes aim to promote engagement with school through learning support, ameliorate unhappy childhood through guidance and social support, and raise aspirations through career development and work experience.

“It’s always tough. I been there for 8 years. It was the only organization I knew, so I really just couldn’t see myself leaving,” he said. Today’s Gospel reading is about “seeing” Jesus’ healing of the man born blind not simply by using one’s sense of sight, but “seeing” it with spiritual maturity. In this narrative, the Pharisees failed on different levels to “see” the true miracle happening in the life of the man born blind. They may not have witnessed the miracle unfold before their very eyes, but they have intentionally “blinded” themselves from God’s Divine intervention..