3 Judy Richard 11 5, No. 6 Beverly Dubay 30 6, No. 11 Liz Coffin 4 5, No. Chequer Hill one of just seven runners in the race, with Barbara Joseph Ten Tigers the only Canberra runner. The others have come from far and wide Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Hawkesbury, Albury and Wangaratta. “We just hoping to have a crack at the Jericho Cup,” Smith said.

If you have any caverns near you are always a cool place to take photos. This shot above is from the Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown, TX about 20 minutes from Austin. This day I took a tour first thing in the AM it was just me and the guide! He allowed me to take photos with my tripod (usually they do not).

FBI top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted amid Fox News criticism for role in Flynn investigationAfter a 38 year career with the Justice Department, the FBI top lawyer Dana Boente was asked to resign on Friday. Two sources familiar with the decision to dismiss Boente said it came from high levels of the Justice Department rather than directly from FBI Director Christopher Wray. The incident happened in the alleys of the walled Old City near Lions Gate, an access point mainly used by Palestinians.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a rating that tells how much protection a product provides against sunburn. The higher the number, the greater the protection. An SPF of at least 15 is recommended. A member of staff at Kensington Palace looks at a selection of dresses including at centre a dress by Bruce Oldfield of satin and lace over bodice and worn by Diana, Princess of Wales in 1990 at the Courtauld Institute of Art and a State Banquet at Buckingham Palace in 1991, on display during a media preview of an exhibition of 25 dresses and outfits worn by Diana entitled “Diana: Her Fashion Story” at Kensington Palace in London, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant).

No corremos de desafios. Corremos PRO Desafio. SE Desafie. I in a very high COL region (NY) and entered into residency with the mindset that I was going to save enough to have some emergency funds if needed, but enjoy myself on vacations, etc. I live in resident housing which is pretty nice although not in the midst of the “city fun” but I able to splurge on a two bedroom with my wife and use the second one for working out, etc, and our rent is 50% of city rent on my one income. Rent comes out to 25% of my pretax income..

It is the first time that astronauts have been set off from US soil since the Space Shuttle programme ended in 2011, and if SpaceX is successful it will mark the first time a private company has put humans into space.Most more modern smart TVs should be able to load up the channel through built in YouTube apps. Some platforms from the Apple TV to the Amazon Fire TV also have Nasa apps, where the same stream can be accessed.The launch will happen at 3.22pm local eastern time, or 8.22pm in the UK.Nasa’s coverage will begin a few hours before, around 11am local time, or 4pm in the UK.It is expected to keep going in some form until Sunday afternoon UK time, when the astronauts will arrive at the International Space Station and the first part of the mission will come to a close.SpaceX will also be streaming the launch live on its YouTube channel, if you would prefer to visit there. At the previous launch, the coverage was split between the two organisations, so the two streams are unlikely to be different..