Mr Guerra left Luxottica on Monday after handing his notice to the board. He received a golden goodbye. He also accepted an offer from Mr Del Vecchio to buy back his shares in the group for In an interview with the FT in April, Mr Guerra said he was happy leading this company and had no plans to leave.

Ward was top bidder for a Colt Spangenberg wall clock from Tombstone, Ariz. He paid $7,500, compared to the auction estimate of $6,000 to $8,000. He feels he got a good deal, despite the broken horse at the top. Got in an argument recently about pegging and its original definition: “a women fucking a man in the ass with strap on dildo.” I feel it’s moved beyond that and now means anyone wearing a strap on fucking anyone else in the ass. My friends insisted that only a man can be pegged, and only by a woman. As the originator of the term, Dan, we turn to you: Can a woman peg another woman?.

But Cox doesn’t want to pontificate on her own impact. There’s still more work to be done, after all. Cox points to inequalities the transgender community still faces, such as the fact that, in 26 states, you can legally be fired for being LGBTQ. I usually go to the same place for breakfast. The owner doesn’t have too much competition. Since the place was decent the last time I was here, I’m ordering breakfast once again.

If only I could do the same with insurance.. A great view of the course! I still have tons of photos to go thru and will just post them as is. It would take forever to re work them. It will probably take me another 2 weeks to get the rest up! My daytime practice shots were the best.

I was a journalist and reporter 35 years ago. I am shocked at the absolute sewage that is on the Internet, but what saddens me is that so called intelligent people suck this stuff up and believe it. But what is even worse is that they turn around and publish it as the gospel truth..

Dr. J was one of my heroes. He’s who I looked up to as a role model. Leviticus, or “info about the Levites” gave instructions for how the Levites were to lead the people in worship, and how the people were to worship and obey God. Numbers literally was a “census of the Israelites” according to Numbers 1:2. Deuteronomy or “second law”, refers to the rules for living that God reissued to the people after they had disobeyed the first time in not having complete trust in Him..

(If you wear glasses you know that no matter how carefully you clean your glasses, they scratch. And the expensive coatings flake off.) Now I clean my glasses with soap and warm water in the morning, and the water just shakes off at the end. The anti reflective aspect is somewhat lacking, but the ease of cleaning is what makes it for me..