Howard said he didn’t call Brown as a witness because he couldn’t be trusted. As an eyewitness, Brown had given police a statement just after the deadly fight, but had not told police that he was acquainted with a woman who had been riding in the limo, Howard said. (Brown testified yesterday that he didn’t know the woman was in the limo until later.).

Have not yet learned how Walter Oakley was able to attend Wesleyan University. Maybe a scholarship? A brother, Stephen Curry Oakley, who was 9 years younger, may also have been educated. (See notes below) Lt. If you don’t land an internship or find a position of interest, create your own project or enter a marketing contest. While studying marketing and international business at NYU Stern’s Undergraduate School of Business, a classmate and I entered the John Caples Student Campaign of the Year contest and created a digital marketing campaign for Pentel. Our campaign included a mix of digital, social and direct marketing communications, along with thoroughly gathered success metrics.

As part of their report, the senators pointed to activist Leonard Leo, the former head of the conservative Federalist Society, as the driving force behind the many of the president’s appointments, including Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.During the 2016 campaign, Leo and the Federalist Society gave then candidate Trump a list of Supreme Court nominees, which Trump later made public to win over the support of mainstream Republicans.The report which is the first of several details Leo’s “special interest dark money” that Democrats say will build on Republicans’ push to restructure the courts in the coming years. Leo “has also managed a secretive network of right wing nonprofits that have raised over 250 million dollars,” Schumer said.The report comes as Democrats inch closer to the November election when they will try to retake both the Senate and the White House. The senators acknowledge that while it’s not unusual for Republican presidents to appoint conservative judges, the scale and speed at which Trump has done so, is remarkable.

Once outside of Phoenix the traffic lightened up some, but we only made it as far as Albuquerque when my husband’s car broke down. We called AAA and got it to a shop. They said they could get us in the following morning, so we got a hotel.. Long term care homes are also categorized by the building standards that each facility meets. There are five basic categories: new beds, A, B, C and D. New beds account for more than half of Ontario 77,000 LTC beds; their design standards do not allow for three or four bed ward rooms..