Peggy W Thanks so much for the link. Your hub on 3 national Parks in Washington was great and I will be linking to it in my hubs on Olympic National Park. I do think we share a love of nature and of our country’s beautiful and amazing National Park system, and I’m always happy to read your hubs on them.

“It’s to build trust between us and the teammate because Jay and I do it with them,” Nasiff said. “It shocks the system. We had a guy suffering from agoraphobia. Major users of OSC’s resources have focused on research in the areas of the biosciences, advanced materials, energy and the environment.The new system arrived Dec. 28 on the west campus of The Ohio , where engineers have been working to assemble the complex system, install various software packages and test run the system by allowing access to a few selected “power users.” Earlier, the engineers made room for the Oakley Cluster by removing the older half of the Glenn Cluster, which in December logged its 150 millionth hour of computational use by OSC clients.”A recent survey of Ohio universities indicated that researchers who leverage OSC resources annually garner more than $140 million in research funding a huge return on investment for the state,” explains Ashok Krishnamurthy, interim co executive director of the center and senior director of research. “And, as we deploy each powerful, new computational system, we see our researchers react by leveraging even more sophisticated applications to analyze even larger data sets to solve even more complex science and industrial problems.”Among many OSC initiatives that will benefit from the features of the new system are the Blue Collar ComputingTM (BCC) program and the virtual Ralph Regula School of Computational Science.

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