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And it’s the quality of the stories being told about these populations.More than raceNo one has tracked diversity of all kinds more closely than GLADD, whose annual Where We Are on TV Report chronicles the ups and downs very throughly.This year’s results calculated based on the 2015 16 season were a mixed bag.On one hand, the report indicated that the amount of regular LGBT characters on cable increased, from 64 to 84. On the other? Racially diverse LGBT characters are still hard to come by.Good news: there were two trans characters in series lead roles this year. The bad: There were no transgender characters counted on primetime broadcast programming, and only three recurring trans characters on cable.And just plain bad news: For the first time in two years, there are fewer regular characters with disabilities on broadcast, down to 0.9% (or 8 characters) from an already measly 1.4%.A cynic could argue that there’s no pleasing everyone, and that there’s no way to represent every possible population on television.Pete Nowalk, creator of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder is someone who’s doing it right.When speaking to Mashable earlier this year for a story about Shondaland, the production company overseen by Shonda Rhimes (herself a longtime advocate for the “normalizing” of TV), Nowalk explained that the desire to tell stories about people from all walks of life stems largely from his own experience as a gay child without a relatable face on the TV to turn to.Shondaland produce Betsy Beers, ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ star Viola Davis, and creator Pete Nowalk appear at an event honoring the ABC hit in May 2015.Nowalk’s show got multiple mentions in GLADD’s study for everything from its cast to being the sole show on broadcast or cable to depict a character living with HIV.”Everyone should have a seat at the table,” he said.Dude, these things need a ladyBack in October, a Vanity Fair photoshoot highlighted a major problem with late night TV that had long been discussed but never quite as starkly presented: it’s very male and largely white.Samantha Bee, who aims to inject a female voice into that field of “titans” with her upcoming late night show on TBS in 2016, certainly took notice, tweeting a hilarious photo in response, and later telling the Daily Beast that her exclusion was “a big fuck you.” (This came after the magazine tried but failed to explain its approach to the photoshoot.).