There’s no hard feelings between DD and I. I have so much respect for them because they’ve done so much for me as a player and person. I’ve learned so many things in the last 2 years. The visual discovery within the Weaver photo of (1) a man standing atop the Gardner photographic platform above an apparent camera, (2) the Ladder Photographer apparently in the act of sighting or taking a photograph, and (3) the Two Ladder Hauling Photographers en route to the location at which they probably are later seen on their own photographic platform in the third Gardner stereo view, is pretty amazing. The discoveries withinthe Two Near in Time Gardner stereo views of the location of (4)the camera used to capture the Weaver photo in the 2nd floor window of the Evergreen gatehouse and(5) the Ladder Photographer peering over the top of his camera are just as intriguing. But when these revelations are combined with the discovery of what appear to be (6) the Two Ladder Hauling Photographers in the third Gardner stereo view who are not seen in the Two Near in Time Gardner stereo views and may well be the later arriving Tyson Brothers we can now say that thanks to these SIX clues, it is very likely that the Weaver photo was taken around the same time as the Two Near in Time Gardner views.

“There will be things that trigger thinking the event, feelings, smells the smell of earth or the clanking of a drill,” he said. “They will find to their surprise that even though they are out of the mine, they will feel that physically they are still in it. If they had a feeling of the probability of dying there will be an enormous amount of emotional tension.” Chile miners: sunglasses men will wear to see the light [Telegraph].

Ron Nilson, CEO of Ground Force Manufacturing in Post Falls, was on the Brazil Mexico missioand said their hosts showed no sign of feeling slighted. “I’m not sure the countries we go to know the real difference between a lieutenant governor and a governor. They know it’s a high ranking official.

The person giving the conference suggested a response of thanks in return. But this didn’t feel right to me. It may be away of getting the last word, and also may communicate rejection. Once the trip is over, the arms swing down and keep a low profile and the rack can sit on the roof for the duration of the kayak season, though taking them off only requires a few turns of the hex key. About my only complaint is the straps that come with the rack: As someone who likes flat straps, I’d love to see some sort of line or marker that could help avoid twisting the lines. Sal Vaglica, Senior EditorEagle Creek Packable Tote.