I also dropped an anonymized version of my resume in the Threads here before that people kindly ripped apart and gave feedback on. I think this really helped me with hearing back since I emphasized the wrong things at first in my resume and cover letter. I mostly gotten referrals through networking (friends, friends of friends, school alumni, etc.).

Nike said in a statement on its website: believe Oscar Pistorius should be afforded due process and we will continue to monitor the situation closely. Thursday, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair asked the defence regarding Pistorius bail application: you think there will be some level of shock if the accused is released? lawyer Roux responded: think there will be a level of shock in this country if he is not released. Nel suggested signs of remorse from Pistorius had nothing to do with whether he planned to kill his girlfriend..

Get sober. Williams starred at St. John before his NBA career, which comprised two seasons with the 76ers and seven seasons with the Nets. The universe contains an endless supply of wonders, and my goal is to learn about each and every one of them.My WritingMy writing reflects my wide range of interests: science, history, music, pop culture and more. I also write about space exploration on my original HubPages account (GD Nunes). HubPages asks us not to write on the same topics with multiple accounts, and I began writing about that topic as GD Nunes long before Doc Sonic was created.

Perhaps, some have speculated, Withrow had simply been rendered gun shy by an earlier controversy involving the use of $100,000 (Canadian) of public money to buy a Henry Moore sculpture for Toronto’s new city hall. Whatever the reason, the same week as Withrow’s announcement saw 50 or so students and teachers from a nearby high school mount a lighthearted protest march to the gallery, carrying a two metre high plywood ketchup bottle they’d made for installation alongside Floor Burger. “Give Oldenburger the works,” read one placard.

Maybe it was Shaq literally tearing down basketball hoops with violent power. Perhaps, Vince Carter leaping over an opponent, entirely. It could be LeBron James effortlessly hurtling through space from unfathomable distances over and through defenders.

The commentary about a human psychological tendency to deny impending catastrophe ( trait that makes us hesitate on climate change, Opinion Exchange, Oct. 22), is only partly true in the specific case of climate change. Since the scientific case for human impact on climate became clear in 1988, polls showed the American public was on board for climate solutions in an open and bipartisan manner.