“We’re excited to build our largest Planet Fitness location in the Greater Cincinnati market,” said Mike Hamilton, Planet Fitness franchisee. “Oakley is an area we felt was in need of a high quality, affordable fitness facility. With memberships starting at $10 and amenities such as HydroMassage beds, massage chairs and free fitness training for all members, we’re confident that Planet Fitness will be a desired fitness option for Oakley residents.”.

My husband, who could never sleep touching anyone because he needed his space, actually did put his arm around me that night. It didn’t help much. He didn’t really understand what it was like to lose this baby. Having owned and played many American Deluxe Fenders and built a couple Warmoths (including a six string Gecko), I personally feel Warmoth quality is as good or better than Fender. I’m going to build another one because I want a fretless jazz and I really enjoy building them. As long as you’re good with a screwdriver and can follow some setup videos on YouTube, you could build one yourself no problem..

The Eyeshade showed that an unusual form could offer exceptional protection, for outdoor participants in a high speed sport such as road cycling. Any tiny particle impacting the eye is a huge risk for any road rider, as it could lead to an inadvertent brake or steering miscalculation in reaction. Oakley saw that performance cycling optics weren about fashion, it was all about creating even greater confidence when riding on the limit for riders in the saddle..

Historically, vitamin C was used for preventing and treating scurvy. These days, vitamin C is most commonly used for preventing and treating the common cold. How does it work?Vitamin C is required for the proper development and function of many parts of the body.

A physician, former director of Public Health for a major city, renowned public health expert, and a former member of the President’s Advisory Council on AIDS/HIV was recently fired from his job as a district health director for preaching at a church. His crime was delivering controversial messages on homosexuality, evolution, and the corrupting power of certain music types. A CEO of a large internet company was driven out of his position and forced to resign for stating publically that he was against gay marriage.

Obviously, high percentage credit cards are good to get rid of, but these other areas are up to individual desires and timelines. I’m 47 and only recently started investing in real estate after a successful career as an Engineer (still my day job!). I’m not going to spend all my time saving and paying down my personal residence, because the sooner I create another asset (generating passive income), the longer I can build returns from it.