Reed: Let me be as clear as I can possibly use the English language: No person from any agency at any level of government at any time has approached this office or anyone else in city government regarding any of this matter. At no time have documents been requested by any person representing any agency at any time. I don know how to make it more clear.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers called Harkless a Swiss Army knife, then used him to guard everyone from 7 footers on the block to 6 foot slashers beyond the arc. In early March, he attended New York’s high end Armory art showas a guest of its curator, while posing questions to the artists. When he played for the Trail Blazers from 2015 19, he escaped to wine country west of Portland to sample wines with teammates straight from the barrels during private tours.

Luxottica Group is a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, with over 6,300 optical and sun retail stores in North America, Asia Pacific, China, South Africa and Europe and a strong and well balanced brand portfolio. Luxottica’s key house brands include Ray Ban, the best known sun eyewear brand in the world, Oakley, Vogue, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Arnette and REVO, while license brands include Bvlgari, Burberry, Chanel, Dolce Gabbana, Donna Karan, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany and Versace. In addition to a global wholesale network covering 130 countries, the Group manages leading retail brands such as LensCrafters and Pearle Vision in North America, OPSM and Laubman Pank in Australasia, LensCrafters in Greater China and Sunglass Hut globally.

The most commonly kept Corydoras, or “Cory” as they often called is the Bronze Corydoras (C. Aeneus). The females reach around 2 inches and the males are smaller. The Hurricane Ridge visitor center is at an elevation of almost a mile high. From the parking lot, there are trails which climb through alpine meadows that gives wonderful views of the surrounding Olympic Mountain Range. There are Ranger led walks, or you can take a leisurely stroll on the paved or gravel walkways.

Pete Seeger’s workshop is so crammed with tools it could be Ali Baba’s cave, assuming Ali Baba lived near a Home Depot. The space is a marvel, funky and unexpected, and Leibovitz’s photograph communicates that. Obviously, the room’s contents matter to its owner, and you can feel that they matter to Leibovitz, too.

Finally, acids play a critical role in the making of vinaigrettes which serve not only as a salad dressing, but to top veggies, sauce meats, form the base of a marinade and a thousand other uses. There are no firm rules here a good place to start is to use 1 part acid to 3 parts oil, then adjust to your liking. How much you end up using will depend on your final intention for it, the type of acid, the type of oil, how much aromatic you use (an aromatic is a strongly flavored ‘thing’ like garlic or rosemary).