“Their time of possession was significant,” said Bills coach Sean McDermott. “It’s hard to win when you have Tom Brady on the field as many times as he was.”And yet despite only having the ball for 8:43, the Bills managed to head to halftime with the game tied, 10 10, after they took a play out of the Patriots’ playbook. Josh Allen hit tackle eligible Dion Dawkins with a 1 yard touchdown pass with one second left..

Zain would make an entry like a knight in shining armour but he’d be a cousin, not a friend. And while he’d be possessively in love with Zara, we’d see Sania secretly lusting after him, because no modern drama is complete without that sickening sister rivalry we see these days. Aani would have a landlord, Faran, who’d have the hots for Zara and we’d witness some form of sexual harassment or abuse come into play.

RELATED: Woman body found at Macedon TUESDAY 6pm: Police have confirmed the human remains found at Mount Macedon on Monday are that of missing Avondale Heights, woman Karen Ristevski. Investigators received the results following forensic testing this afternoon. Karen was last seen at her Oakley Drive home in Avondale Heights about 10am on June 29.

It felt so distant from my reality and that made me scared for myself and my future. It always amazes me the past few years how full circle my life (and work) has come. I don’t have a balcony (yet!) but I had top surgery, which seriously changed my life for the better, I have an amazing partner, a baby, a resurgence in my acting career because the industry is finally placing value on queer and trans stories.

Much of the research around women and education highlights the importance of investing in the education of girls as an effective way of tackling the gamut of poverty. This is in line with assertions made in numerous other references, which also point to a strong link between education, increased women’s (as opposed to girls’) labour force participation, the wages they earn and overall productivity, all of which ultimately yields higher benefits for communities and nations. In other words, it pays to invest in girls’ and women’s education..

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