These cheesecakes can either be made with a Christmas pudding specifically made or bought for the purpose, or alternatively, they represent a great way of using up leftover Christmas pudding which may be crying out to be put to imaginative use in the days after Christmas. Note that because of the alcohol content, Christmas puddings have a long shelf life and do keep for a longer period of time than you may expect. This means they can often be picked up really inexpensively in the months of January and February in particular when supermarkets are looking to clear their shelves to make way for new seasonal produce..

Cleaning up after yourself isn’t limited to equipment. Towels go in the hamper or basket after you’re finished with them. Shaving stubble shouldn’t greet the next person to use a sink. To assemble the cakes, place strips of waxed paper, parchment paper or aluminum foil around the edge of a cake plate. Place one cake layer on top, and cover the top of the layer with a generous portion of the frosting. Repeat with each additional layer.

A Time to HonorMemorial Day is also a time to pay homage to those who have received America’s most prestigious and highest military decoration, The Medal of Honor. The medal has been presented to roughly 3,500 recipients since its founding during the Civil War. It symbolizes the timeless American ideals of courage, patriotism, sacrifice, integrity, and humility.

Turning 50 is a big deal. It is the moment when most of us really get that we too are going to get old and(yes, it is unthinkable). We too are actually going to die someday. “I gave commands;/Then all smiled stopped together.” He also expected a high level of respect to be accorded for the name he bestowed upon her, yet he felt she “ranked/My gift of a nine hundred years old name/With anybody’s gift.” The dangerous combination made the Duke feel slighted, and as the husband and the one with power within the relationship, his displeasure in her was made clear through her death. It has been suggested that another reason for the Duke’s murder of his young wife was that he was “somehow daunted by his wife’s freedom of spirit, and [disguised] this fact with exaggerated severity” (Hayward 29). This is shown in the text through his obsessive need to be in control of her smiles and happiness he is the only one who is allowed to make her happy, although he does not seem to care about doing so..

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