It makes me laugh. It didn make me laugh at the time, I can assure you. But I give it out again with my back to the wall. The way the draw panned out, the final place in Ireland group came down to either Austria or Italy. You could just as easily see it as a lucky break to have avoided the Austrians given the quality of Bayern Munich David Alaba and the remarkable performances of Marko Arnautovic this season for Stoke City. Arnautovic on his own looks as if he could torment an Ireland defence.

It was business as usual at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. Everyone seemed to enter the proper gate without incident. The usual half dozen celebrities showed up, including former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, to have their faces posted on the big screen.

For whatever reason we had to do it a day early, and I was tasked with standing there and letting people know that the stuff on the endcaps wasn on sale until the next day even though there were no sale signs up. Essentially this was done to nip any potential Karens in the bud. People were thankful because most people aren super observant and just are used to the end caps being sale items and I was saving them from buying stuff that wasn on sale.

Eventually, CBS radio requested a Canadian Mountie figure for Sgt. Lance O’Rourke. Number 804 was changed to show a figure with both hands on the lap. This is the kind of shit that being sold in gun stores all across the land. High powered rifles that shoot enormously deadly bullets capable of killing human beings the way that 19 year old shooter killed 17 human beings this week at a school in Florida. In many of these gun stores, you can buy your gun in the front room, and then take it out back to the indoor firing range where they set you up to shoot the goddamn thing.

Another useful tool is The Register Guard online index maintained by The University of Oregon libraries. It covers the years 1963 2003. The results will only tell you the date and page on which an item appeared, but it may turn up something a Google search doesn’t.

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Oakley has been the focus of more attention than he ever received as a bruising All Star power forward for the Knicks’ monster defensive teams in the 1990s. On Wednesday, he was dragged away from his seat near Dolan in the ultra pricey area of the Garden. Oakley was handcuffed and taken out of the arena by police.