At the opening of a yearly parliament meeting last week, China’s Premier Li Keqiang also flagged a more aggressive posture toward Taiwan, a self ruled, democratic island that Beijing sees as its territory. In reference to dealing with and assimilating the island in an annual policy speech, he dropped China’s usual calls for a “peaceful” approach a departure from nearly 30 years of precedent. Other senior leaders also renewed warnings against efforts to seek Taiwan’s independence, saying that a forceful takeover remains an option even though they prefer a peaceful solution..

He said people are right to ask questions about the food they feed their pets since the Canadian industry is underregulated, but urged them to make decisions based on science and evidence.are always looking for that panacea. And unfortunately, raw food is not the panacea for pets, Joffe said. Whole topic, unfortunately, is like arguing about religion.

In the midst of the bright lights and fanciful designs at the 2016 edition, Canada’s Clearly stood out. Formerly known as Clearly Contacts, the Vancouver based brand is now the world’s largest online retailer of eyeglasses. While most Canadians recognize the company from its omnipresent online ads, it’s aiming to be much more than a transactional destination for cheap glasses.

Great info! We are living completely off grid in rural AZ, currently in a small RV while we build our cabin. One of the biggest concerns was hot water going into winter. After reading this and checking out the videos we will definitely be using a potbelly stove with an old heater tank, wood is plentiful and free luckily.

Reading the “Ballads of Songbirds and Snakes” made me realize that I actually hate the entire Hunger Games franchise. They are sociopolitical commentary and they take place in a dystopian society. Literally the entire point of a dystopia is to be grim.

How would he like to sit in on an interview Louisiana officials were planning to hold with an informant Churchill had used decades ago in the Marshall case? The hope was that, with Churchill there, the informant might also open up about Louisiana’s cold case.”Jim was very helpful in sharing with us the intelligence information, background information as well as trial information,” said Caddo Parish District Attorney Charles Rex Scott.But nothing concrete developed on the Maria Marshall murder until Larry Scott called Churchill again last month. Thompson, he told him, “was alluding to the fact that he had some information regarding Maria Marshall’s death. A week later, Churchill received another signed affidavit.He was getting closer to nailing Thompson, the last piece of the puzzle.Although Thompson beat the murder charge in 1986, two men were convicted in connection with her death.Besides Marshall, the other two were Robert Cumber of Bossier City, La., and Billy Wayne McKinnon, a former Louisiana sheriff’s officer.